Gem and science presentations

The Rock Star has been doing these presentations for for many years at many schools, Libraries and such. See a long list of places he's been at  You Can see some short video's at schools.

Costs vary by distance. Feel free to call The Rock Star!




Treasure Hunt's for Kids!

The Rock Star has been putting gem's back in the ground for years.

The treasure chests have from sixty to seventy items in them, then a map is made with burn holes in it and then stained in tea dried in the microwave, then folded in an odd shape.

About 14 years back He buried 5 treasure chests in Colorado and there is still one left! He also does this service for kids Birthday party's.

Costs vary by distance. Feel Free to call The Rock Star!



Universe Map presentations

Universe Map presentations at all locations including the outer limits!

Fee's vary by distance! Feel free to call The Rock Star before booking.




Universe Map T-shirts!

In wearing the Crystals For Kids Map Of The Universe T-shirt. Almost everyone will stop you asking what on earth is that, the Universe? Then you will have to show them the 1/3 -- 2/3's example I shown in the video below. I am looking forward to announcing more info on this Map, please stay with us! This one Glows in the dark!

Universe Map Startup video HERE!



Little Tanner!

Had five Squirrels I was feeding in that yard. One of which brought me her five babies in the fall. I could see I kept them well fed! Funny, the babies would only come about five feet away from me even with their mother sitting right on my lap!

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