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Our Approach

Here are three shirts with the Universe Map, the Black one glows in the dark nicely! This table I built for a girl friend years back and She was nice enough to ask me if I wanted it back after we parted. It's made by my hand with custom solid Oak wood in butcher block form with two butcher block three layered crosses one on each side. The quarter inch plate glass and the complete cover is removable so that new items can be placed inside the two inch shadow box of this table. The table was made because she had a wonderful cross collection. Now it holds these T-shirts of; Crystals For Kids, Map Of The Universe! A map that I was told to bring down off the mountain. So I did. Mount White.

Remember, every t-shirt purchased supports Crystals For Kids!

Because of printing costs, order 12 to 100 and we will pay the shipping and handling.

We are not able to stock single orders at this time are 19.99 each plus shipping.

Orders of twelve or more are only 15.99 each! Free shipping!

I am withholding full description for the Map Of The Universe book for the time being.

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Our Story


The first thing you and all children should check into if they haven't already. It is written how to know a true sent Profit, from one that is not sent, as He wrote. They will take from what is mine and give it on to my children and will not claim the words as their own! They will not call themselves Teachers, Rabbi's or Priests. This is how you will know. Profits yes! The Tanner see's others, built by the hands of men walking in their own shadows, dressed in long fine robes calling themselves Rabbi's, Priests and Teachers! As The Tanner, I will not make improper judgement. When I make judgement, I make certain my judgement's are right! Thus, I will be judged by proper judgement and the way I judged! There has only been one Teacher, one Priest, one Rabbi! The one who teaches the ones that have been sent to be Profits, of what HE said! So yes, as it was written, a true one sent, a profit, does not claim anything as his own! Does not call ones self a teacher. Only takes from what has been heard from the teacher,our Father. And gives it to the children in the Fathers name. To know that is to be still and to listen. And in that listing is to hear the words taught By The Teacher, Our Father. My Father.

There is another statement you will hear from one who has been sent to prophesy on what has been heard from our Father. These words are not My own! The true Profit will say.

It would be best to explain The Tanner in this way. I am here just as you are here for a reason. Mine to address the meaning of sent, send and or saved. I have heard Him say. I will send ONE forward from Me. Could it be the Donkey's Colt? This must be pointed out that the many of his children have forgotten a very important thing about the Donkey. Nowhere has The Tanner seen the hands of men setup a display of The Donkey and its Colt! Yet, it is written, His servants fetched the Donkey and Her Colt! Then He, My Father, rode out of the City and through His Cloak over the Donkey's Colt and said, "I will send One forward from Me!" That is The Tanner, the one who Tans The Hide. Make no mistake, This Tanner entertains no wish to be, nor He any different then any other in flesh. In My Fathers own words I have heard Him tell Me what to say! That I would rather the children be greater then I!

There is much more to be given, shared of what I have heard. From here I am told to right a new book. Stay tuned. These words are not My own.

P.S. Your thought is that I would send you to one who throws salt on deer skins! No my children. I sent One forward from me to throw salt on yours! Read AGAIN where I wrote. Go to the Tanner, The One who Tans The Hide! You should listen ti Him.

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Gem lab

Universe Map Master Plan!

Taking years to draft. It is created on a seventy six and a half inch wide tempered glass drawn for now with colored crayons. More to come!

The start of: Crystals For Kids Map Of The Universe video click HERE!

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Mount White Aquamarine. Cut by The Rock Star!

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Donations will go toward building more new programs for kids to get to the three sand boxes, The Rock Star/The Tanner, has setup for families on White Mountain. Crystals For Kids does need your help. You can feel free to call The Rock Star/The Tanner. He is waiting for calls that will help Him complete more great things for kids. You should call. He will give you much more info as to why He needs this help.

TRS artist print

The Rock Star!

Given the name years back by kids at one of His schools. He is the owner/operator and soul/builder of crystalsforkids.org and universemap.org to date. The Rock Star has an offer on the table for worthy investors. The offer is for an investment of in between 50,000 and 100,000 to work the claim sites and build the mining campaign and for more programs for the children/families on the mountain. 50% of crystals and or profits($), to re-support C.F.K., and 50% going back to the investor and or to a charity of their choice. Other offers may or could be drafted. Feel free to make one! The mountain has plenty. Contact The Rock Star!

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The Emerson stone! Harvested by Greg Emerson from the Stone Cellar #1 in the Emerson pocket!

He worked very hard in that pocket and to find it! You go Greg!


The Universe Map by candle light!

Picture taken with camera and candle behind it.

 More to come!

Video of 1/3 by 2/3's HERE!

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Aquamarine from claim sites on Mount White! Hey, you need a napkin, you r'e drooling? More pic's available. Best offers welcome!  1199.99 Shipping  included.

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