Mount white, colorado!

A place on the mountain worth fighting for My fathers children to have a place they can call their own! Stone Cellar Placer #2 Aquamarine Claim. Great new news! Crystals For kids now has two more claims open for kids to dig! Side Cellar Placer #3 and Side Cellar Placer #8. (The Three Sand Boxes). See picture below this!

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Picture taken at the Princeton hot springs, Colorado!

First to be Baptized there!

Re-baptized the way My Father wanted. And believe it, that priest almost drowned me on the third dunk!

My Father also wrote saying. Go to the Tanner, the one who tans the hide, and that you should listen to him. Before you do that. By the greatness written in your own hearts you should go to where He wrote about The Tanner. Much, much more ahead

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Map Of The Universe T-shirt that glows in the dark!

Full step by step layout of the universe and how the house you live in was created is on the way. After all! Was it not written to you? First the Heavens and the Earth! My Father gave me this map on a mountain. For three hours I knelt down in tears on that mountain knowing this would be given to all His Children. A map that gives them all they have been waiting for at the right moment. As always! Much more ahead!

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the three sand boxes!

Stone Cellar Placer #2

Side Cellar Placer #3

Side Cellar Placer #8

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Map of the universe!



Keep in mind first. This is the shape of a sphere not a flat draft.

Step by step drawings and video's by The Tanner coming soon.

Will make one short statement Herein. The Tanner has been talking and telling about Dark Matter for 28 to 30 years now. But first filed this map listing Dark Matter in 2006 with the U.S. Copy write Office. This is nothing new to The Tanner and will be explained in up coming drawings and text descriptions.



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Orders of 12 or more of the same print color, we will pay free shipping and each shirt will be only 15.99 under this you can change color of the shirt but not the color of ink.

Prices are subject to change. And you should know that all funds go toward supporting and the building of

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Just so you know the story of the bear in the background!

Well this bear came to my camp or I should say practically right in my base camp at the bottom of the mountain. It kept walking around and around the camp like twenty feet from me! Tried running it off but it just looked at me and grunted loudly. As I was following it around with a gun in hand of course. That's when it was plain to see why it into my came! One of my crew members left a bowl of cherry pie filling outside their camper!!!! Then I new why it grunted at me. Get out of the way man! All I want is that cherry PIE! Ya! That Bear was not going to leave till it got that cherry pie filling in that bowl!

Photo taken in 2017 by; The Tanner!